Shelly Ross
First appearance 1.01 "How To Deal With A New School"
Created by  Raishel Wasserman, Justine Wasserman, and Rhiannon Goodrich
Portrayed by  Jaclyn Gest
Name Shelly Rachael Ross
Nicknames Shel
Age 16
Ethnicity Jewish
Religion Agnostic
Schools River Blossom High
Town of Origin River Blossom, Colorado
Known Relatives Jenny Ross
Grandma Helga
Friends Ashley Scott
Enemies Candy Kane
Brad Fischer
Significant Others Zach Finn

Shelly Ross, portrayed by Jaclyn Gest, is a student at River Blossom High School. She has a younger sister, Jenny. In the first episode, it is established that her grandmother, Grandma Helga, is staying with her family.

Character OverviewEdit

"Meet Shelly Ross. Shelly loves analyzing life, but she's scared of living her own."

Highly passionate about changing the world, Shelly wants to be a journalist. She has published two letters to the editor, and works on the school newspaper. She loves science fiction and attending sci fi conventions, but hates being labeled a nerd.


Shelly is very sweet and friendly. She's very outspoken about her beliefs, and quick to stand up for people she believes are being wronged.


Shelly dates Zach Finn, the school nerd. She is very nervous about the topic of sex, and has not kissed Zach or anyone else.