Richard Chan
First appearance 1.01 "How To Deal With A New School"
Created by  Raishel Wasserman, Justine Wasserman, and Rhiannon Goodrich
Name Richard Chan
Nicknames Chan Man
Age 16
Schools River Blossom High
Town of Origin River Blossom, Colorado

Richard Chan, portrayed by Patrick Baek, is a student at River Blossom High.

Character OverviewEdit

Richard Chan runs for every political and club office in the school. As of yet, he has never won any election. His posters, buttons, and flyers can be found throughout River Blossom High.


An overachiever, Richard is always marketing himself as "the Chan Man," and the best for every job and position. He doesn't take no for an answer, and appears only to be nice to people in order to win the elections.