This is the episode guide for Inner Kore. Please visit the Inner Kore page for information on the fictional series.


The Cast of Inner Kore from left: Joe Deck, Marcy May, Sammy Wonders, Mark Curry, Daisy Walters, and Francy Williams

Season One

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Ep. #
"White Flag Means Peace" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers August 18, 1970 1.01
"Don't Forget Your Bubbles, Bubbles" Alan Mickey and AJ Specks Paul Bunkers August 25, 1970 1.02
"Floozy and the Talent Show" Alan Mickey and AJ Specks Paul Bunkers September 1, 1970 1.03
"When One Man's Down..." Matthew Henderson Paul Bunkers September 8, 1970 1.04
"Disorderly Conduct on Kore" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers September 15, 1970 1.05
"Martians? Martians? Everywhere!" Betty Loo and Marcus Hule Paul Bunkers September 22, 1970 1.06
"Aliens Do Have Problems...(Pt. 1)" Anthony Kroger AJ Specks September 29, 1970 1.07
"...But Humans Have More Problems (Pt. 2)" Derek Minions Hank Greggers October 6, 1970 1.08
"The Scrolls of Scroller" Matthew Henderson Paul Bunkers October 13, 1970 1.09
"Lost and Too Late to Be Found" Jeffery Junior AJ Specks October 20, 1970 1.10
"Sparky and Spud vs. Bubbles and Floozy" Duke Shoeman AJ Specks October 27, 1970 1.11
"Guardette's Blurry Problem" Rick Wilkens Paul Bunkers November 3, 1970 1.12
"Seminar on the Kore Moon" Pete Larsons AJ Specks January 26, 1971 1.13
"The Attack of Sparky and Spud" Matthew Henderson Paul Bunkers February 2, 1971 1.14
"Little Did They Know...Humans Can Shrink Too!" Anthony Kroger Paul Bunkers February 9, 1971 1.15
"U.F.O.'s Bring Bad News" AJ Specks AJ Specks February 16, 1971 1.16
"Caution: Evaporating Bubbles is a Bad Idea" Lewis Banker AJ Specks February 23, 1971 1.17
Every time Floozy kisses Bubbles, he begins to evaporate.
"Floozy Takes Smart Pills" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers March 2, 1971 1.18
After taking mysterious pills, Floozy all of a sudden knows the information listed throughout Scroller's scrolls.
"Beware of the Ancient Voodoo Cults" Henry George AJ Specks March 9, 1971 1.19
"Water + Bubbles > Fire + Sparky" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers March 16, 1971 1.20
"Don't Take Me! I'm Too Young to Be Tested!" AJ Specks and Paul Bunkers Paul Bunkers March 23, 1971 1.21
Scroller takes Bubbles to her lab to find out what makes aliens tick.
"The Tiny Scrolls of Scroller" James Williamson Paul Bunkers March 30, 1971 1.22
Scroller must adjust to life after being shrunk by Bubbles.
"Bring Me Back Spec!" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers April 6, 1971 1.23
Spec searches for a cure to bring Scroller back to her original size.
"The Revenge of Scroller" Andrew Henderson Paul Bunkers April 13, 1971 1.24
After coming back to human size, Scroller seeks revenge and decides to take down the planet of Kore.
"Don't Look Now, She's Trying to Scroll Us All" Lewis Lake Paul Bunkers April 20, 1971 1.25
"I Don't Want to Go To Earth" Paul Bunkers AJ Specks April 27, 1971 1.26
Scroller goes crazy and leaves for Earth to regain her sanity.
"The Return of Floozy's Father" Bill Myers AJ Specks May 4, 1971 1.27
"The Return of Scroller" Tootie Boots Paul Bunkers May 11, 1971 1.28
"Can't We All Just Get Along?" AJ Specks and Paul Bunkers Paul Bunkers May 18, 1971 1.29
"Friends Don't Need New Friends" Harold Baker AJ Specks May 25, 1971 1.30
"Not All Humans Are Evil...Just Scroller and Spec" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers June 1, 1971 1.31
"When Two Arrive, The Rest Unite" AJ Specks and Paul Bunkers Paul Bunkers June 8, 1971 1.32

Season Two

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Ep. #
"Floozy's Steamy Experience" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers September 9, 1971 2.01
"A Dabbling We Will Go" Billy Rambles Paul Bunkers September 16, 1971 2.02
"A Spec-tacular Solution" Herold Wickers Paul Bunkers September 23, 1971 2.03
"Bubbles in a Bottle" Kirk Lewis and Gregory Timp AJ Specks September 30, 1971 2.04
"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" AJ Specks AJ Specks October 7, 1971 2.05
"I Do Dabble, You Do Dabble Too... You Dabble?" Andrew Niels Paul Bunkers October 14, 1971 2.06
"Kiss Me, I'm Green" Kevin Keggers AJ Specks October 21, 1971 2.07
When Queen Kore's spell goes awry, Bubbles loses his alien origins and becomes green!
"A Kore-dial Welcome" Lewis Clarkson and Peter Patterson Paul Bunkers October 28, 1971 2.08
"To Russia, With Love" Billy Rambles Paul Bunkers November 4, 1971 2.09
"You Voodoo Something To Me" Cecilia Margery Paul Bunkers November 11, 1971 2.10
Queen Kore puts a hex on Spec to make him fall in love with her.
"Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers November 18, 1971 2.11
"Scrolls and Spec-ulation" Tony Swift Paul Bunkers November 25, 1971 2.12
"Voo-dunnit?" Tony Swift and Peter Patterson Paul Bunkers December 2, 1971 2.13
"Double Trouble" Tim Peters AJ Specks December 9, 1971 2.14
"A Tale Of Two Floozys" Arnold Rush AJ Specks December 16, 1971 2.15
Queen Kore's latest spell causes a second, but evil, Floozy to appear.
"A Scroll In Time" Lucy Landover Christopher Stevens January 6, 1972 2.16
"Bad News Bubbles" Tim Peters AJ Specks January 13, 1972 2.17
"A Kiss Is Just A Kiss" Arnold Rush Paul Morton January 20, 1972 2.18
Spec discovers that his feelings for Queen Kore were all because of her spell.
"Romeo and Floozyette" Jean Paulson AJ Specks January 27, 1972 2.19
"Queen Kore And The Guardettes" Jean Paulson AJ Specks February 4, 1972 2.20
"Scroll Island"' AJ Specks AJ Specks February 11, 1972 2.21
"Will The Real Bubbles Please Stand Up?" Lucy Landover Tom Linderman February 18, 1972 2.22
"Dr. Specles and Mr. Hyde" Arnold Miller Tom Linderman February 25, 1972 2.23
"Bigger Than a Breadbox, Smaller Than a Floozy" Patrick Arnolds Paul Bunkers March 4, 1972 2.24
"Call of the Spec" Lisa Ann Miller and AJ Specks AJ Specks March 11, 1972 2.25
"Queen Kore Who?" Henry Stevens Paul Bunkers March 18, 1972 2.26
"Little Miss Muffet" Adrian Nixon Paul Thomson March 25, 1972 2.27
"You Can't Arrest Me, My Floozy is Waiting!" James Dickenson Paul Bunkers April 1, 1972 2.28
"When One Goes Up, Another Goes...Wait? Where's Bubbles?" Kevin Larson AJ Specks April 8, 1972 2.29
"All My Guards Are Down" Lucy Fraiser and AJ Specks Paul Bunkers April 15, 1972 2.30
"Spin The Bubbles" James Dickenson Paul Thomson April 22, 1972 2.31

Season Three

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Ep. #
"The Return of Sparky and Spud" AJ Specks James van Nelson September 18, 1972 3.01
Sparky and Spud return to Kore in hopes to take over; Guardette leaves the moon to search for a way to make Queen Kore invincible.
"Sparky + Floozy = One Angry Bubbles" Lucy Landover AJ Specks September 25, 1972 3.02
When Bubbles and Spud stop paying attention to them, Sparky and Floozy flirt to make them jealous.
"One Giant Spud" Kurt McNeils Robert Ellis October 2, 1972 3.03
"Aliens, Aliens, Everywhere" AJ Specks Robert Ellis October 9, 1972 3.04
"Spud And The Cosmonauts" Scott Landau AJ Specks October 16, 1972 3.05
The Io aliens try to form an alliance with visiting Russian cosmonauts.
"Beauty Pageant Blues" Lucy Landover and Scott Landau Robert Ellis October 23, 1972 3.06
Floozy and Spud face off in an intergalactic beauty pageant!
"Spooky Sparky" Kurt McNeils AJ Specks October 30, 1972 3.07
"Io You One" John McStevens Robert Ellis November 6, 1972 3.08
"Sparkles, Don't Set the Couch on Fire!" John McStevens Robert Ellis November 13, 1972 3.09
"Spud's Don't Grow on Trees, You Know" Lewis Marker Henry Stomper November 20, 1972 3.10
"The Case of the Missing Bubbles" Bailey Badger AJ Specks November 27, 1972 3.11
"Two's Company, Sparky Makes a Crowd (Pt. 1)" Annie Sanders and Bill Jones Paul Bunkers December 4, 1972 3.12
Bubbles and Floozy's anniversary plans get put to a halt when Sparky tries to woo Floozy.
"Don't Take My Floozy Away From Me! (Pt. 2)" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers December 11, 1972 3.13
After Sparky's attempts to woo Floozy fail, he kidnaps her. Bubbles must search for Floozy.
"Captain Sparky and His Floozy" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers January 8, 1973 3.14
Back on Io and much to Spud's dismay, Sparky makes Floozy his girl.
"Floozy and Sparky Are Getting Married" Kurt Lost Paul Bunkers January 15, 1973 3.15
As Floozy tries to escape by wishing for Bubbles to appear, Sparky plans their wedding.
"Bubbles to the Rescue" Paul Swayd AJ Specks January 22, 1973 3.16
A happy Floozy and Bubbles return to Kore where Bubble's tells the tale of his showdown with Sparky.
"Long Ago, It Seemed So Long Ago...But It Was Only Yesterday" Michael Beaker Paul Bunkers January 29, 1973 3.17
"Don't Shoot Me, I'm Just the Messenger" Bert Cook Paul Bunkers February 5, 1973 3.18
"Queen Kore Doesn't Live Here Anymore" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers February 12, 1973 3.19
"The Case of the Missing Guardette" Peter Petro Paul Bunkers Feburary 19, 1973 3.20
The group is given word that Guardette (who is on her journey to find the power of invincibility for Queen Kore) is missing in space.
"A Sparky Tale" AJ Specks AJ Specks February 26, 1973 3.21
"Get Me to the Battle on Time" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers March 5, 1973 3.22
"Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?" Kevin Tales Paul Bunkers March 12, 1973 3.23
"Spud's Eruption" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers March 19, 1973 3.24
"Where's Bubbles? (Pt. 1)" Marc Stevens AJ Specks March 26, 1973 3.25
After an evening of fun and games, Floozy can't find Bubbles.
"A Pocket Full of Water (Pt. 2)" Marc Stevens AJ Specks April 2, 1973 3.26
Sparky threatens to spill the liquidy Bubbles if he can't gain control of Kore.
"I Miss My Bubbles" Beth Cobain Paul Bunkers April 9, 1973 3.27
Floozy mopes about Bubbles being gone while Queen Kore decides controlling Kore is more important than saving Bubbles.
"Sparky and Floozy Make a Doozy" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers April 16, 1973 3.28
Floozy kisses Sparky in an attempt to bring back Bubbles.
"Floozy's Magic Giggles" Kevin Dorsey Paul Bunkers April 23, 1973 3.29
"Queen Kore Fights Back" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers April 30, 1973 3.30
"Evil Is as Evil Does" Paul Bunkers Paul Bunkers May 7, 1973 3.31
"Mysterious Murders on the Kore Moon" Peter Parker AJ Specks May 14, 1973 3.32
"Scroller Fights Back" Beth Grades Paul Bunkers May 21, 1973 3.33
"Battle of Destruction" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers May 28, 1973 3.34
"Don't Die Now...Die Later" AJ Specks and Lucy Landover Paul Bunkers June 4, 1973 3.35

Season Four

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Ep. #
"Sparky, Sparky, Everywhere" Lucy Landover and John Landau Paul Bunkers September 21, 1973 4.01
"Much Ado About Bubbles" Scott and John Landau AJ Specks September 28, 1973 4.02
"A Giggle And A Wiggle Makes Bubbles Sizzle" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers October 5, 1973 4.03
"I Dream of Floozy" Martin Scottsdale Jason Dellson October 12, 1973 4.04
"A Spec-tacular Event" Scott Landau Jason Dellson October 19, 1973 4.05
"The Ghost of Sparkys Past" Martin Scottsdale Jason Dellson October 26, 1973 4.06
"A Pocket Full Of Bubbles" John Landau AJ Specks November 2, 1973 4.07
"Don't Kiss Her, Miss Her!" Lucy Landover and AJ Specks Paul Bunkers November 9, 1973 4.08
"Sing a Song, Mr. Bubbles" Greggory Billards Paul Bunkers November 16, 1973 4.09
"Don't Burst My Bubbles" Greggory Billards and AJ Speck AJ Speck November 23, 1973 4.10
"Ring Around The Bubbles" Jim Edwards Paul Bunkers November 30, 1973 4.11
"Scroller To The Rescue!" Greggory Billards and Jim Edwards Jason Parker December 7, 1973 4.12
"The Wrath of Queen Kore" Lucy Landover and Jim Edwards AJ Specks December 14, 1973 4.13
"Merry Kore-istmas!" Greggory Billards and Scott Landau Jason Parker December 21, 1973 4.14
"A Glass Full Of Bubbly" Lucy Landover and Scott Landau AJ Specks January 11, 1974 4.15
"Bake A Cake Of Bubbles" Greggory Billards and John Landau J. Richard Lane January 18, 1974 4.16
"Floozy and The Chicken Suit" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers January 25, 1974 4.17
"My Favorite Scroller" AJ Specks and Lucy Landover Paul Bunkers February 1, 1974 4.18
"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Io We Go (pt. 1)" John Landau J. Richard Lane February 8, 1974 4.19
"Spec and Scroller Go To Io (pt. 2)" Scott Landau AJ Specks February 15, 1974 4.20
"Iotian Voodoo" Lucy Landover and Paul Bunkers Paul Bunkers February 22, 1974 4.21
"Smile, You're On Kore Kamera" Jonathan Marcus Peter Polson March 1, 1974 4.22
"The Anti-Bubbles" Jack Neilson Paul Bunkers March 8, 1974 4.23
"You Can't Catch Me, I'm Bubbleman!" Kathryn Becker AJ Specks March 15, 1974 4.24
"The Framing Of Mr. Bubbles" Ginger and Ronald Parker Paul Bunkers March 22, 1974 4.25
"Bubbles And The Big, Blue Box" Martin Walbrooks Peter Polson March 29, 1974 4.26
Queen Kore traps Bubbles in a container-dungeon.
"The Creature From the Red Lagoon" Rachel Rosdale AJ Specks April 5, 1974 4.27
"Fire, Fire, Everywhere!" John Landau Paul Bunkers April 12, 1974 4.28
"My Little Floozy" Martin Walbrooks and Rachel Rosdale Peter Polson April 19, 1974 4.29
"Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble" Lucy Landover and AJ Specks Paul Bunkers May 15, 1974 4.30

Season Five

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Ep. #
"Guardette vs. the Giant Bubble" Lucy Landover and John Landau Paul Bunkers September 15, 1974 5.01
"Sherlock Spec" Rebecca Beaches Paul Bunkers September 22, 1974 5.02
"Skeptics and Spectics" Hannah Myers Aaron Millers September 29, 1974 5.03
"Assassin-ette" Ginger Parker AJ Specks October 6, 1974 5.04
"If That's Bubbles...Then Who is That?" Abigail Blacksmith Paul Bunkers October 13, 1974 5.05
"Gone with a Blur" Lucy Landover AJ Specks October 20, 1974 5.06
"The Many Faces of Scroller" Emma Richmond Aaron Millers October 27, 1974 5.07
"Blurry Bubbles" AJ Specks Mason Peekachoo November 3, 1974 5.08
"Somewhere Over Jupiter" Donald RIchey Peter Polson November 10, 1974 5.09
"Floozy and the Magic Stick" Anna Troy Paul Bunkers November 17, 1974 5.10
"The Adventures of Bubbles and Floozy" John Landau Mason Peekachoo November 24, 1974 5.11
Bubbles and Floozy's relationship continues to suffer from the tension over her saving Queen Kore.
"Too Many Guardettes and So Few Bubbles" Susan McPreggers Mason Peekachoo December 1, 1974 5.12
"Queen Kore, We Want More!" Deborah Nielson Hart Parks December 8, 1974 5.13
Queen Kore's new laws on Kore cause an uproar among the residents.
"Hickory, Tickery, Tock...Bubbles Plans Must Stop!" Matthew Davis Peter Polson December 15, 1974 5.14
After his breakup with Floozy and without anything to hold him back, Bubbles tries to take over Kore.
"Queen Kore's Evil Scheme" Juliet Landover and John Landau Mason Peekachoo December 22, 1974 5.15
"The Queen of Wrath" Anne R. Gene AJ Specks January 12, 1975 5.16
Fighting to save her moon, Queen Kore turns everyone on the moon against Bubbles; Before leaving the moon, an angry Bubbles spreads bubbles across the planet, leaving everyone surrounded.
"The Beginning of Planet Bubbles" Eve Reeds Paul Bunkers January 19, 1975 5.17
When he finds a deserted moon, Bubbles starts to build his own nation.
"King Bubbles" Paul Bunkers Hart Parks January 26, 1975 5.18
Many aliens move to Planet Bubbles and Bubbles begins feeling an overwhelming sense of power as king.
"If Men Go to Jupiter to Get More Stupider... (Pt. 1)" Lucy Landover and John Landau AJ Specks February 2, 1975 5.19
As everyone tries to stop the problems on Kore, Spec leaves for Jupiter to try to find a stop to the bubbling Kore moon. While there, he accidentally gets injured and forgets everything. Floozy leaves the moon in search of Bubbles.
"...Then Where Does Floozy Go? (Pt. 2)" Lucy Landover and John Landau AJ Specks February 9, 1975 5.19
Spec is taken in by Jupiterns and Floozy gets lost in space while looking for Bubbles.
"If She Only Had a Brain" Donna Specks and AJ Specks Paul Bunkers February 16, 1975 5.20
Floozy can't find her way home when her spaceship breaks down in the stars.
"Visiting Planet Bubbles" Eve Reeds Mason Peekachoo February 23, 1975 5.21
Bubbles gets word of Floozy's spaceship floating around nearby and rescues her. While on Planet Bubbles, Floozy and Bubbles reunite.
"Bubbles, Come Home!" David Crisscross Peter Polson March 2, 1975 5.22
After several days on Planet Bubbles, Floozy pleas for Bubbles to return to Kore.
"The Kore Truth" AJ Specks Paul Bunkers March 9, 1975 5.23
Scroller discovers an ancient cave telling all of the secrets behind Kore and telling her how to remove the bubbles forever.
"A Bubbly Possession" Lucy Landover and AJ Specks Paul Bunkers March 16, 1975 5.24
Bubbles tries to return but discovers that Scroller's potion has stopped bubbles from ever forming on Kore. To come back, Bubbles takes over Spec's body.

Season Six

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Ep. #
"Voodoo Be My Girl?" Lucy Landover and John Landau Paul Bunkers September 23, 1975 6.01
With no one aware of Bubbles' predicament, he, as Spec, tries to seduce Queen Kore to get back in her good graces.
"If Spec Is Bubbles, Who Is Spec?" Paul Bunkers and AJ Specks AJ Specks September 30, 1975 6.02
Scroller discovers Bubbles' secret.
"A Spec In A Box" Louise Parker Jim Polson October 7, 1975 6.03
Queen Kore and Scroller team up to trap Spec/Bubbles in a box.
"Spec's Moon" Lucy Landover John Landau October 14, 1975 6.04
Spec, trapped in Bubble's body, has a moon to run.
"Potion Ocean" AJ Specks Paul Polson October 21, 1975 6.05
Scroller accidentally spills the potion keeping Bubbles away--and it forms an entire ocean!