How To Deal With A New School
Season , Episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Air date TBA
Written by Raishel and Justine Wasserman
Directed by Raishel and Justine Wasserman
Special Guest Star(s) Patrick Baek
Kameron Knox
Ariel Pham
Priscilla da Silva
Kevin Sean Ryan
Rachel Fowler
Ginger Alderson
David Maddalena
Audrey Walters
Jennifer Mabry
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Plot SynopsisEdit


Littlefield High School burns down, and Ken, Anabelle, Natalie, and Zederick must transfer to River Blossom High School. Richard Chan throws a big party.



Special Guest StarsEdit

Guest StarringEdit


  • Kira Cauthorn as Reporter
  • Swann Christopher as Security Guard #1
  • Angela Roark as Security Guard #2
  • Britta Laree Risner as Registrar
  • Ed Hickok as Math Teacher
  • Chad Neidt as Economics Student #1
  • DeShawn Mitchell as Economics Student #2
  • Faith D'Amato as Rose DeLuca (Economics Student #3)
  • Adrian Hart as Student #4
  • Jodie Grundin as Cynthia "Stoner #1"
  • Zachary Friesen as Hot Guy #1
  • Abby Claar as Coffee Counter Lady
  • Mariah Snyder as Candy's Servant #1
  • Robin Snipes as Candy's Servant #2
  • Taylor Pridgen as Ken's Double


This script underwent rewrites prior to production when the character of Magdalene was eliminated. Most of Magdalene's scenes were rewritten to involve other characters, such as Candy and Richard Chan, and a few were cut altogether.