Anabelle Morgan
Anabelle Morgan
First appearance 1.01 "How To Deal With A New School"
Created by  Raishel Wasserman, Justine Wasserman, and Rhiannon Goodrich
Portrayed by  Bridgette Patchen
Name Anabelle Louise Morgan
Nicknames Sweet Potato Pie, Sweet Potato, Lamb Chop, Blueberry Muffin, Pumpkin Pie, Honey Bun, Dumpling, Sweet Peas
Age 16
Schools Littlefield High
River Blossom High
Town of Origin Littlefield, Colorado
Known Relatives Jordy Morgan-Porter (nephew)
Zederick Morgan (brother)
Mary-Lou Morgan (mother)
Friends Natalie Porter
Shelly Ross
Enemies Brad Fischer
Significant Others Ken Harris

Anabelle Morgan, portrayed by Bridgette Patchen, is a student from Littlefield High School.

Character OverviewEdit

"Meet Anabelle Morgan. Anabelle dreams of life in the big city, but she's still small town at heart."

Anabelle lives with her over-bearing, ultra-religious mother, Mrs. Morgan. She enjoys reading the popular teen girl magazine, Glitz Magazine, though her naivety often leads to misinterpretations of the articles.


Anabelle is sweet and naive. She rarely takes offense to anything, and always wants to make new friends. She also wants to fit in, even if she has to rebel a little against her mother to do so.


Anabelle is inseparable from her long-time boyfriend, Ken Harris.