50 Worst Dates
Season , Episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2
Air date TBA
Written by Justine and Raishel Wasserman
Directed by Raishel and Justine Wasserman
Special Guest Star(s) Patrick Baek
Kameron Knox
Ariel Pham
Priscilla da Silva
Kevin Sean Ryan
Rachel Fowler
Allison Watrous
David Maddalena
Audrey Walters
Christine Mascolo
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How To Deal With A New School
How To Throw A Welcome Home Party

Plot SynopsisEdit


Ken gets into trouble for his brawl with Brad; Zach, Candy, and Zederick are assigned a science project about pheromones; Ashley's fall gets misconstrued as a drunken accident; A double date goes awry.



Special Guest StarsEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Ariel Pham as Christy
  • Priscila da Silva as Catie
  • Kameron Knox as Brody Knox
  • Allison Watrous as Lydia Fischer
  • David Maddalena as Mr. Wormwell
  • James Kempe-Mehl as Mr. Gilbert
  • Dan McGowan as Policeman
  • Ashley Henkle as Stacie the Waitress


  • DeShawn Mitchell as Economics Student #2
  • Jodie Grundin as Cynthia "Stoner #1"
  • Paul Orosz as Mr. Jeubal
  • Swann Christopher as Security Guard #1
  • Jon Diack as Paramedic #1
  • Greg Damian as Paramedic #2
  • Donna Hickey-Hansen as Nurse #1
  • Emma von Tscharner as Little Ashley Scott
  • Adrian Hart as Waiter
  • David Nickerson as Host


This episode was originally titled "When Sex Happens", but underwent massive rewrites and a title-change when the character of Magdalene was eliminated from the series prior to filming.